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Beginning with a small scale trial using funds donated by the Oxford León Trust the bursary project has expanded to the point where we now support 120 children. Most of the current support is provided by the British and Foreign School Society for whose support we are very grateful.

The way the project operates is to select children from poor neighbourhoods who are particularly vulnerable to dropping out of school. This happens for a variety of reasons including the need to earn extra cash to support the family, because of expectations that the children will do domestic work in the home or simply because of a lack of cash to pay for educational materials.

Children are selected by a committee comprising teachers, our staff and members of the Education Authority or district councils depending on their vulnerability to dropping out of school. Once selected the children are provided with school uniforms (shirt and trousers in the case of boys and shirt and skirt in the case of girls) and also with satchels (or rather rucksacks) filled with education materials such as notebooks, pens and dictionaries. Materials are distributed twice a year in February and August.

In the current year (2010) bursaries have mainly supported primary aged children from the poor barrios of Austria, Sutiava and El Platanal. In return for this material support parents sign an agreement to confirm that they will keep their children in school for the whole of the school year.

A dedicated member of staff works exclusively to support the children receiving the bursaries, visiting those who fail to turn up for school in order to ensure that absence is for legitimate reasons.


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