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General objectives

The Nicaragua Education Culture and Arts Trust (NECAT) is a UK registered charity supporting educational initiatives in Nicaragua through sponsorship of after-school clubs and through other educational projects. We have three primary objectives which are established in our trust deed:

  • Advancing education through culture and the arts
  • Alleviation of poverty and hardship
  • A focus on the pacific coast region of Nicaragua

By raising money in the UK through donations by individuals, through school and church activities and by targeting the resources directly to those in greatest need we can bring effective support to communities with few resources.

How we work

We work in the city and municipality of Leon where we have a well established team, dedicated to improving the educational achievement of the local youth. Many children from hard up families end up prioritizing income generation for their families and as a result achieving poor marks at school. Children obtaining poor results in their school work are often encouraged to abandon their education altogether and go into unskilled and low paid work. By working with the children to offer them the widest possible support for their education we help to raise their self-esteem and encourage in them a love of learning.

Working in the area of affectivity we promote in the children a spirit of co-operation and solidarity. The effectiveness of our projects is improved through close co-operation with both the child's family and with their teachers as well as by meeting their material or nutritional needs.

Through the participation of US, UK and European volunteers the children gain experience of different cultures and languages.